Debunking all your financial

We will analyse your situation and determine if you should go bankrupt or whether avoidance of bankruptcy is possible.


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Your situation

Your situation

Take a picture of your situation. Make a list of your assets, your debts and write your personal information as requested.

Our evaluation

Our evaluation

If you want you can complete the information and send them to us before your free consultation

The solutions

The solutions

Several solutions are possible to solve your financial problems and avoid bankruptcy.

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Pierre Guay has the solutions

We offer over 20 years experience in Sherbrooke in the area of ​​solvency. Bankruptcy is the last option and we’ll make sure to find the best solution for you.

As a licensed insolvency trustee we can help you

Should you file for bankruptcy or how to avoid bankruptcy…

The licensed insolvency trustee knows how :

• To analyze your situation ;

• To determine if you should file for bankruptcy or if you can, on the opposite, avoid the bankruptcy.

Do not hesitate, the licensed insolvency trustee is there to help you to solve your financial problems.

Call us for a free consultation. We have the answers to your questions and we will find together the solution.